Information for Speakers

Thank you for being a speaker at our upcoming conference! On this page, you will find important resources and information that will help you prepare to present and support a positive learning experience for attendees.

Important Dates - Please check back for updates!

  • Notification of proposal status: January 6
  • Final presentation date and time assigned: January 30
  • Access to Whova app opens (in-person presenters only): February 7 
  • Hotel stay dates due to MSSA (if requested): February 8
  • Deadline to request Zoom practice session/assistance with pre-recording (webinar and on-demand presenters only): February 15
  • MSSA template slides posted: February 17
  • Deadline to complete Speaker Profile in Whova app (in-person presenters only): February 21
  • In-person session handouts due to MSSA: February 28
  • In-person session rooms assigned: March 10
  • Live webinar and on-demand/pre-recorded session handouts due to MSSA: March 20
  • On-demand/pre-recorded session recordings due to MSSA: March 20
  • Live webinar Zoom session links sent to presenters: April 1
  • Compensation documents due to MSSA (if applicable): April 30

Presentation Preparation

Permission and Confidentiality: As you prepare your presentation, please make sure you have permissions for any music, audio, or video, and use proper citation for proprietary information. You should also maintain appropriate confidentiality for any individuals or organizations that are discussed in your presentation or learning activities. Conference sessions are meant to provide significant contributions to professional development in the human service field; attendees will be dissatisfied if they sense a speaker is providing promotional material for their own benefit.
Accessibility: MSSA requests all speakers attend to recommended accessibility best practices as you prepare your presentation; see the Reference Article section at the end of this page for more information.

Sensitive Topics: Some of our conference presentations include material that might be challenging for some attendees. If your presentation includes images or discussions of case examples or subject matter that is potentially sensitive, please provide a brief warning at the beginning of your presentation and again before the sensitive content is shared.

Title Slides: We have created template slides for each day of the conference, and one without a date for pre-recorded sessions. Please use one of the available slides as the first slide in your presentation. The rest of your slideshow can be formatted in any way you wish. Click here to download the template slides.

Conference App

Whova is our conference app for this year’s conference. All in-person speakers will receive an invitation to create a Speaker Profile, including photo, social media handles, and contact information. Creating a profile is highly encouraged to help you make use of session tools, maximize attendees’ engagement with you and provide a simple way for you to share your contact information. Check out Whova's Speaker Guide.

Audio Visual Equipment

Session speakers are responsible for bringing their own laptop and any presentation files for use on the day of their presentation. MSSA does not provide computers for use by speakers. Each session room will have a podium, head table, projector, screen, and two microphones. Please test any embedded video in advance. Please remember to bring a power cord and Mac adapter (if applicable). Wi-Fi is available, but no guarantee can be made on signal strength or speed.


Presentation PDFs and handouts will be shared electronically with attendees. It is most helpful for attendees if presentation PDFs are posted for access prior to sessions. Please see the Important Dates list above for information on when materials are due. Only registered conference attendees will have access to the session materials.


MSSA values the time and expertise of its speakers. MSSA offers the lead speaker a complimentary registration to the conference and an MSSA membership in lieu of payment. Those sessions that have been approved for an honorarium are required to submit an invoice to MSSA; please Important Dates list above for deadline. All invoices will be paid after the conference as they are received.

Speaker Registration

The lead speaker for each conference session will receive a complimentary full conference registration which includes access to the following:
  • All the in-person education sessions
  • Exhibit Expo
  • Self-care and networking opportunities
  • Live webinars
  • On-demand content
The complimentary registration does not include the following; however, speakers can register to participate in these opportunities separately:
Co-speakers must register on their own if they would like to attend the conference. If they would only like to attend their own session, then they do not need to register.

Reference Articles