MSSA's 2023 Legislative Agenda

2023 Legislative Priority
MSSA will prioritize the following issue in the 2023 legislative session

Establish a Grant to Ensure HHS Worker Safety

Fact sheet

MSSA seeks to ensure a safer and stronger health and human services workforce by ensuring workplace safety.

The Issue:
  • Health and human service (HHS) professionals deserve to be safe while on the job, but workplace safety is a widespread problem throughout Minnesota's HHS system.
  • An estimated 70% of all workplace violence incidents are experienced by HHS professionals.
  • HHS workers are nearly five times more likely to be assaulted than other workers.
  • Incidents of workplace violence have dramatically increased over the last decade.
  • Most workplace violence happens in community-based settings and client homes.
  • Rising rates of workplace violence against health care and social service workers has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Organizations that invest in occupational safety perform better, reduce burnout and turnover, and help workers do their jobs more effectively.
Proposed Solution:
MSSA proposes establishing a grant to help ensure the safety of health and human service workers. This grant would provide safety measures to human service organizations to ensure the safety of their workers. These grants could be used for:
  • Safety equipment such as GPS/Bluetooth locators, panic buttons, and more.
  • Training (such as self-defense, crisis management, cultural competency, and for working with clients with serious mental illness substance use/and/or behavioral problems);
  • Facility safety improvements such as barrier protection and security cameras;
  • Support services for staff including counseling, and other resources for professionals who have experienced safety issues or trauma-related incidents; and
  • Systems to track, monitor, and prevent violence against HHS professionals.

2023 Supported Issues

MSSA supports efforts related to the following issues


Invest in Affordable and Accessible Housing

MSSA supports efforts to ensure affordable and accessible housing for all across the housing continuum, including those who are homeless, renters, and homebuyers. MSSA supports the following legislative efforts:
  • The Homes for All legislative agenda
  • Catholic Charities Housing Support legislation
  • Increasing funding for Transitional Moving Services

Invest in Senior Nutrition

MSSA supports adequate funding for nutrition programs for older Minnesotans, especially seniors with low incomes and those from historically underserved communities. This support includes, but is not limited to:
  • MN River Area Agency on Aging (MRAAA) legislation to increase funding for the Senior Nutrition Program

Invest in Rural Transportation Options to Support Client Care

MSSA supports efforts to ensure affordable and sufficient non-medical transportation (NEMT) options, especially for those who are ill, those with disabilities, and older adults. This support includes, but is not limited to:
  • Supporting the work of the Volunteer Driver Coalition to increase the mileage reimbursement rate for volunteer drivers
  • Increasing the reimbursement rates for non-emergency medical transportation providers