Letters of Support


2023 Sign-On Letters

February 1, 2023: Support of SF388 to provide investments in shelter and housing
February 1, 2023: Support of SF316 to increase Medical Assistance reimbursement rates for nonemergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers
January 16, 2023: Support of HF16 to prohibit the practice of conversion therapy with children and vulnerable adults


2022 Sign-On Letters

December 14, 2022: Create a State Child Tax Credit
November 7, 2022: Prioritize Expanding the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit
May 10, 2022: MSSA Health and Human Services Conference Committee Letter
March 24, 2022: Support for HF3815 to invest in the Quality Parenting Initiative and an effective foster care system in MN
March 9, 2022: Support for HF3367 to provide an appropriation to Model Cities to preserve housing for communities of color
March 8, 2022: Support for HF3568 to Allow Those with SSI Benefits to Retain More of Their Personal Income
March 1, 2022: Support for HF2156 to Prohibit the Practice of Conversion Therapy with Children and Vulnerable Adults
February 17, 2022: Support for HF2695 to Address Lack of Affordable, Accessible, Inclusive Housing for People with Disabilities in MN
February 15, 2022: Help Children and Youth Achieve Permanency and Preserve Connections to Family
February 15, 2022: Establish an Office of Appellate Counsel for Parents
February 9, 2022: Opposition to SF2845 - Department of Behavioral Health creation and transferring of duties of a state agency
December 14, 2021: 2022 Budget Surplus Sign-on


2021 Sign-On Letters

June 14, 2021: Addressing Lack of Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities for Children and Adolescents
May 26, 2021: Request for Transparency Sign-on
May 4, 2021: MSSA Health and Human Services Priorities Letter
April 21, 2021: Organizations demand legislature pass police accountability bills
COVID-19 Vaccine Equity (HF2113)
TANF and MFIP Budget Requests
Ensuring Parents' Rights to Consistent Legal Counsel (HF0312/SF0941)
Child Foster Care Licensing Reform (HF1287/SF1558)
Together We Rise Minnesota
February 19, 2021: HF 1287 Letter of Support

2020 Sign-On Letters

August 20, 2020: MN Council of Nonprofits/MN Budget Project Federal COVID Relief Sign-on Letter 

July 29, 2020: Blue Ribbon Commission Telepresence Letter 
June 15, 2020: MSSA Police Accountability & Public Safety Letter of Support
June 10, 2020: Criminal Justice Reform and COVID Response 
May 15, 2020: Medicaid Requests for Minnesota
May 11, 2020: Federal COVID Response: FMAP and Flexible Funding
April 9, 2020: Federal COVID Relief for Social Services
April 5, 2020: MFIP Emergency Payments
March 19, 2020: DHS Emergency Protections