Take Action: Post-Session Advocacy

Help us advocate! Advocacy happens year-round, not just while the legislature is in session. Become an advocate today and help us improve health and human services throughout Minnesota! 

MSSA has made it easier than ever to get involved in advocacy. Here are a few ways you can be a great advocate and help us accomplish our advocacy goals!

  • Find your legislators. Don't know who represents you? Find out here.
  • Contact your legislators. Your voice is the most important thing a lawmaker considers when making decisions. You can affect the outcome of legislation by directly communicating with your elected officials. You can do this by letter, email, phone, or by visit. Here are some frequently asked questions about contacting a legislator.
  • Meet with your legislators. The most effective way to communicate your views to your elected official and to affect the outcome of legislation is to speak with your lawmakers face-to-face. Contact your lawmaker's office to make an appointment.
  • Register to vote. Vote to make a change! When you vote, you are taking an active role in choosing the right policies and people who have your best interests in mind when making decisions that will affect you, your clients, and your community. Register to vote here.
  • Sign up for action alerts. Sign up for action alerts here. A strong, grassroots network of MSSA advocates can transform the lives of our members and improve the communities they serve.
  • Submit legislative agenda ideas. MSSA relies on you, as an expert in your field, to create a strong and effective legislative agenda. Follow the Advocacy Insider to submit your ideas when submissions open this summer and help us create our 2023 legislative agenda.
  • Plan an MSSA agency visit. Meeting with our members helps us understand the issues you're facing and offer legislative solutions. We also offer advocacy training to our members. Contact Michelle at [email protected] if you'd like MSSA to meet with your agency.
  • Get involved in public policy and advocacy. Keep up to date on MSSA’s Public Policy and Advocacy Events. Join us for Legislative listening sessions, advocacy trainings, and more!
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Following us on social media is an easy way to stay in-the-know with our advocacy efforts and more.