2017-2018 Regional Awards Nomination Deadlines



Individual Distinguished Service to MSSA

Through the Individual Distinguished Service to MSSA Award, we recognize an individual member for their outstanding service and leadership to MSSA.

Individual Distinguished Service to MSSA Award selection criteria includes:

  • Contributions to MSSA
  • Personal skills and experience utilized to advance MSSA’s mission of providing leadership to enhance the lives of Minnesotan’s by supporting diversity, impacting public policy, educating, and communicating among human service professionals
  • Use or creation of, community resources to effect change
  • Participation, promotion and/or recognition for their commitment to the profession of health and human services
  • Nature and length of the nominee’s active participation in MSSA and whether the nominee is a current or past member of MSSA

Click here to submit a nomination online. Please click here to download the nomination form as a Word Doc. Return forms to dkohlhardt@mnssa.org

2017 Individual Distinguished Service to MSSA Award Recipient: Paula Katzenmeyer

MSSA is proud to recognize Paula Katzenmeyer as the 2017 Individual Distinguished Service Award Recipient. Ms. Katzenmeyer has been an active member of MSSA for over 22 years and has contributed to MSSA’s leadership in numerous roles. She currently serves as Scholarship and Awards Chair.

In her professional work, Ms. Katzenmeyer has served as a Social Services Program Advisor for the Minnesota Department of Human Services for over 16 years. She plays an instrumental role in strengthening child welfare services in 26 county agencies by providing technical assistance and training.

In addition to her public duties, Ms. Katzenmeyer is an active volunteer in her local community. Ms. Katzenmeyer’s extensive volunteer service includes the McLeod Partners in Prevention Program (which provides services to students in the schools to prevent drug and alcohol abuse), Common Cup Ministries (which supports projects that assist children and families in need), Brownton Women’s Club (which raises funds for children’s programming), and GFW Dollars for Scholars (providing financial assistance to graduating seniors for further education). MSSA thanks Ms. Katzenmeyer for her service and leadership. Congratulations!

Paula Katzenmeyer (second from right) with her family

Past Recipients

  • William Anderson (2009)
  • RaNae Whitbeck (2010)
  • John Moline (2011)
  • Trudy Eisenhauer (2014)
  • Mark Ponsolle (2016)