2017-2018 Regional Awards Nomination Deadlines



Staff Achievement

MSSA recognizes individuals who routinely exemplify outstanding service to clients, their colleagues, and their place of work through the Staff Achievement Award.

MSSA considers the following when selecting the Staff Achievement Award winner:

  • Consistently demonstrates outstanding service to clients, colleagues and employer
  • Goes above and beyond in all aspects of their work
  • Utilizes personal skills and experience to create a positive, client focused work environment
  • Utilizes and collaborates with community resources to meet for client needs
  • Participates in, promotes, and is/has been recognized for commitment to the human services
  • Is valued by colleagues and employer for their contributions to the team

Click here to submit a nomination online. Please click hereto download the nomination form as a Word Doc. Return forms to dkohlhardt@mnssa.org

2017 Outstanding Staff Achievement Award Recipient: Sonhui Baker

MSSA is proud to recognize Sonhui Baker as the 2017 Outstanding Staff Achievement Award Recipient. In her 23 years as a health and human service professional, Ms. Baker has been an inspiration to her colleagues and leader in her workplace. She regularly uses her skills as a seamstress and gardener in creative ways to enhance the lives of her clients. Ms. Baker has sewn curtains and repaired clothing for her clients, and she has also planted flowers with her clients so they can enjoy fresh flowers in their homes.

Ms. Baker often goes above and beyond expectations. For example, when she found that her clients wanted to play basketball but were unable to participate due to financial barriers, she worked with her clients to organize an affordable and accessible basketball program. Ms. Baker also organizes an annual BBQ party so that clients can spend more time with their families and strengthen relationships with their loved ones. Ms. Baker’s clients consistently express their appreciation for her work.

MSSA thanks Ms. Baker for her service to her clients and colleagues. Congratulations!

Sonhui Baker (right) with MSSA Awards Chair Paula Katzenmeyer

Past Recipients

  • Amanda Wilson (2009)
  • Carrie Asmus (2010)
  • Mavis Fritsch (2011)
  • Jeannie Pederson (2012)
  • Susan Visker (2013)
  • Karen Kohler-Nelson (2014)
  • Jay Kieft (2015)
  • Rae Zahn (2016)