2017-2018 Regional Awards Nomination Deadlines



Treatment Foster Care

MSSA recognizes Treatment Foster Care providers who deliver outstanding foster care to children with special needs, including developmental disabilities and serious emotional, behavioral and medical needs. Nominees for this award demonstrate an outstanding effort of providing a stable and supportive environment which allows for children’s growth and development.

MSSA considers the following when selecting Treatment Foster Care Award winners:

·         How foster care providers are unique; what sets them apart from other providers

·         Nominee's ability to work with the placing agency, family members and community resources 

·         Participation in community projects and activities that promote and strengthen the foster care delivery system

·         Nominee's ability to understand and recognize the needs of those placed in their care—to be accepted and respected as an individual; to be treated with dignity; to be valued for their contributions

·         Ability to meet the child’s needs for care and support with encouraging growth

·         Evidence of deep commitment to foster care as shown by length of service, intensity of care and dedication

·         Ability to prepare children for reunification in the home or other permanent living arrangement

Click here to submit a nomination online. Please click hereto download the nomination form as a Word Doc. Return forms to tmarchio@mnssa.org.

Past Recipients

  • Jim and Jackie Feiler (2009)
  • Tedmund and Margy Johnson (2010)
  • Lolita Thomas (2011)
  • Chris and Kelly Evans (2012)
  • Julie Goldenman (2013)
  • Lorraine Holdsworth (2014)
  • Deanna and Scott Solie (2015)