Welcome to MSSA's Career Center

The Minnesota Social Service Association's Career Center offers job seekers the opportunity to view health and human service related jobs and employers the opportunity to recruit highly skilled health and human service professionals. The Career Center is promoted to over 4,000 members via our weekly email and quarterly via The Voice (mailed newsletter). Job postings may be seen by anyone visiting the MSSA site. Login is not required to view or search for current job postings. 

MSSA Member Benefit: Unlimited Posting

If your organization is a member of MSSA, you have access to post an unlimited number of jobs during your membership year!  You must be logged in to use this benefit; you do not need to have an individual membership to use this benefit. 

Click here to view a list of MSSA Agency Members

If your agency is not a member and you are interested in posting a job, you may purchase access to the Career Center. You have the option to post
  • One job for 30 days $200
  • Three jobs for 30 days $500
To post a job or edit an existing job post:
If your agency is an MSSA member, or if you have already purchased access to posting, click here to post or edit your job posts.
If your agency is not an MSSA member and you have not yet purchased access to posting, click here to purchase access.

Terms and Conditions may apply.