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Click here to download a template letter for contacting your legislator about a specific issue. 
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Lawmakers need to hear your stories! Here are some tips to effectively contact your legislator:

For phone calls:

  • Be brief! Your message should be under one minute.
  • Expect to speak to a staffer or to leave a message: Be clear and concise so they can correctly record your opinion.
  • Be respectful: Staffers want to record your position, not debate with you. Treat them with respect regardless of political affiliation.
  • Be prepared to give your address: Legislators want to talk to their constituents. Including your address ensures that your legislator will pay attention.

For writing emails and letters:

  • Be short. Think one page, or a front and back at most. Legislators are extremely busy; use this opportunity to catch their interest.
  • Think bullet points, not paragraphs. Legislators skim material looking for something to catch their eye. Use font, bold, etc. to your advantage—remember a little goes a long way.
  • Target the heartstrings!! We are Minnesota’s health and human services; we have stories that will grab attention—use them. Share personal stories if possible. Encourage those you work with to share their stories. Make it personal.

Click here to find your legislators. The goal of communicating with your legislators is not always to support or oppose legislation. Instead, think about making a friend that will fight for you when the time is right, or better yet, will reach out to you when they need clarification or guidance. You are the expert in the health and human service field and the programs and people you work with and for—be a resource!