MSSA's 2018 General Policy Statements and 2018 Public Policy Agenda are available for download as PDFs. Contact Christina Zeise at for more information or to get involved with MSSA's advocacy work.

2018 General Policy Statements
The following statements reflect the core beliefs of our members and the work of our public policy and advocacy program.

We value:

  • Social Responsibility: Every human is entitled to an acceptable quality and standard of living. It is our obligation to proactively facilitate critical conversation about human welfare. MSSA is committed to actions and advocacy efforts that lift up our neighbors and communities with a belief that we all do better when we all do better. 
  • Equity: Every human deserves access to services. We advocate for equitable treatment and fair allocation of community resources. MSSA is committed to creating a health and human service system that is equitable and accessible.
  • Inclusion: We cultivate and support a vibrant, engaged, and truly diverse membership of health and human service professionals. Diversity makes us stronger. Whenever possible, MSSA uses its platform to amplify the voices of historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. MSSA is committed to building grassroots networks and working hand in hand with systems that intersect regularly with health and human services such as education, law enforcement, and public health.

We work for:

  • Racial Justice and Elimination of Disparities: Minnesota’s disparities are some of the worst in the nation. MSSA must work with and for historically marginalized and unrepresented groups, as well as those who experience oppression and marginalization to ensure all Minnesotans includes all Minnesotans. Click here for downloadable resources on this issue.
  • Disability Services: MSSA advocates for fair and adequate services for families and individuals with disabilities, including employment opportunities, appropriate living environments, and access to assistance. Click here for downloadable resources on this issue.


2018 Public Policy Agenda

Access to Basic Needs:

Racial Justice and Elimination of Disparities

  • Disparities in Child Welfare: MSSA supports efforts to increase the well-being of families from communities of color and to better serve children in the child welfare system.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Safe Families and Communities

Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being

Quality and Affordable Early Childhood Care and Education

Disability Services

Veterans Services

Effective Health and Human Service System: