MSSA Student Memberships

Free Student Membership

All full-time students seeking a degree in a health and human service related major or program are eligible for a free membership with MSSA. This is valid at any time during the students’ enrollment and for one year after graduation.

Health and Human Service Employment Opportunities

For students who are ready to transition into the workforce, MSSA provides easy access to hundreds of health and human service related job openings across the state.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, MSSA offers scholarships for students enrolled in a health and human service related major or program.

Annual Training Conference and Expo

Each year MSSA’s Annual Training Conference and Expo brings more than 3,000 health and human service professionals and providers together to learn and network. To ease the transition from life as a student to that of a professional, MSSA provides students with a luncheon to learn more about the benefits of MSSA and connect with other student members.  MSSA’s Exhibitor 101 program puts students in touch with our exhibitors for informational interviews, internship and employment opportunities, or simply to better understand the health and human service landscape. Students also receive discounts on conference registration.

Student of the Year Award

MSSA recognizes the important contributions of health and human service professional across the state through our awards program. One of these awards is dedicated to a student working towards a health and human services career.

Student Showcase

MSSA's Student Showcase provides a space for students working towards a project, thesis, or dissertation to present their work during a breakout session at MSSA's Annual Training Conference and Expo.

Public Policy

MSSA has a vibrant, grassroots public policy program that allows our members to guide our public policy agenda and stay on top of legislation as it happens. From student projects to internships, we are always interested in working with students on public policy issues.


Your MSSA membership gives you access to opportunities to network with professionals in the health and human service field across Minnesota.

More Information

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