Member Testimonials

Jon Poulson, Oak Tree Support Services
MSSA member since 2015
"I am a member because MSSA provides me the networking and training opportunities I never knew I needed. Those outlets remind me that I am not alone in my struggle, service, and development. As a member of the Conference and Education Committee I take great pride in assisting in the selection of the content and speakers for our annual conference, whether that be foundational knowledge, emerging trends, or just some much-needed motivation. Our vast memberships of professionals never fail to keep me up to speed with new ideas, trends and approaches that assures my perspective never gets antiquated. The time I spend at MSSA helps me stay fresh and reminds me why I got into social work in the first place."

Andrea Anderson, Pine County Health and Human Services
MSSA member since 2016
"Becoming a member with MSSA was one of the first opportunities I had as a new employee to gain a professional network within Region 7 and around the state. Since being involved, MSSA has offered many opportunities such as gaining organizational skills, planning and attending educational and thought-provoking conferences, and being able to participate in advocacy and legislation in many areas that effect both my profession and individuals served in social services.”

Reina Irvine, Aitkin County Health and Human Services
MSSA Member since 2003

"As a member of MSSA, I have appreciated the knowledge I have gained from the annual MSSA conference. I have participated for many years and I am able to get most of the CEU’s I need for my position because of number of different  sessions that are offered.  I also benefit from the networking that goes on at the annual conference and learn about the various resources provided throughout the state. In recent years, Region 3 has worked with MSSA on organizing  a regional conference in our area.  As Region 3 chair, I have appreciated the tremendous support that the MSSA has provided to our region on planning for the regional conference. One of the best things that I believe MSSA offers is the opportunity for professionals in the health and human service fields to be recognized for their work, achievements, and contributions to the human services field through the regional and state awards. Our region has had several regional winners who have also been state winners. Attending the award ceremonies is a very emotional event when you learn about the stories of the work these individuals and organizations have done in the human services field."

Kendra Lund, MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Partnership
MSSA Member since 2015
"I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from my membership with MSSA over the years. MSSA has allowed the opportunity to gain needed CEU credit through conferences and local education opportunities at low or no cost.  Participation in MSSA legislative actions have allowed me to support much-needed help for the constituents I work with.  As chair of the board for Region 4, I have gained leadership skills that extend far beyond the meeting. This role has increased my professional network to include others outside my typical network, allowing for more opportunities to explore professionally. I feel my regional work has helped to build a strong voice for MSSA members in greater Minnesota, increasing training and networking opportunities."

Terryl Gordon, Hennepin County Human Services
MSSA Member since 1995
"Through MSSA, I’m able to connect with like-minded people and share common concerns and struggles. I like MSSA’s training conferences; the Spring conference offers an opportunity to network, interact with vendors that we routinely work with (they also provide materials/giveaways), and participate in training and education with those in the Human Services field.  There are also great plenary speakers that are encouraging and supportive which is much needed to stay charged and motivated.  There are many benefits offered for members and like I was encouraged to join when I first began working in the field, I, too, offer this same wise advice to others working in health and human services."